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Please show your support and please spread the word for
my good friend Sandy Collora's independent film "Shallow Water"…
Sandy has had this idea for years....
and this will be his opportunity to have that idea to become a reality
because of you. As artist here we should all understand and desire that wish fulfillment.
Lets make it happen for Sandy and his crew.

Thanks you for your time and efforts in this endeavor.

Bestest from your Bro.

D. ;)
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I would open up my.....wallet opening day to see this.
Why haven't we got this done hear in the states yet?

This would be sooooooooo dope!!!!!
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Steve "The Dude" Rude is doing a kick starter.…

Please show some support .

We all need a lil more Nexus & the Moth in our life don't you think?


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Should I be asking for a percentage of his commission and print rate?

Woulda coulda shoulda by BroHawk My oringinal…{9319121A-F70E-47A5-9BFD-F9932360F74C}…

Stealing Superman

Or am I over reacting? Hmmmmmmmmm.
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You had me at hello Zack Snyder.

"The red capes are coming......"

DCE WB You are going to make me go broke.

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Spread the word theartofdavidwilliams.bigcarte…

More updates soon.

Send a note if interested or buy direct from the bigcartel site ^



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This is the last week I will be taking advance commission orders
Get on the list now while you still can...
$300 12x18 color character .  $100 each additional character.
Send a note here or an email if interested

Don't miss out.




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Here is my youngest Son Victor VictorWilliams  DA page.  Show some love...
if you feel so inclined.:)
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I can't wait!!!! :)

What say ye????
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My good friend Frank Espinosa is doing great things at zumzumbooks 
Expand your horizons and show some support. You won't be dissapointed. ;)

Trust me. ;)
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 I will be at Booth AA712 $elling print$ and commi$$ion$ and variou$  other oringinal$
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  • Reading: Heaven Must Be Like This
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  • Drinking: Fire…

 I will be at Booth AA712 $elling print$ and commi$$ion$ and variou$  other oringinal$
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Ohio Players
  • Reading: Heaven Must Be Like This
  • Watching: Who'd she coo
  • Playing: the Funky Worm
  • Eating: Sweet sticky thaig
  • Drinking: Fire
I will be taking con sketch pre orders  after all for this weekend BigWow comic fest Batman by BroHawk at  
So hit me up with a note,email or Facebook … ASAP before the list fills up.

Looking forward to see as many DA folks as possible at the show....



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I still have original art for $ale here theartofdavidwilliams.bigcarte… :)

Tell a Friend... ;)
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My loving Wife said "I do." Go bug my Wife by BroHawk

Thank you Sandra for making me a better man.
There are not enough words to let you know
how much I appreciate,need and Love you.

From me to U.
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  • Reading: Her lines
  • Watching: Her
  • Playing: The heart strings
  • Eating: Muffins.Pies and Cakes
  • Drinking: Milks…  Do what you can to help a fellow artist in need.

We only have each other.

Thank you and God bless.

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NAME CHANGE: Show some love.;)


Thanks in advance:)

Update: NAME CHANGE: ;
Appreciate all you people stopping by and liking my page! Right now I can only follow back other Fan pages, Not personal FB pages. If you have a Fan page send it my way! So, don’t be offended personal FB page havin people…..It’s NOT you it’s ME! Until then I have to get back to the drawing board.

Thanks again.


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