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I have been getting several 'notes' asking about
art that's not in my main gallery.
No worries...
It's most likely moved to my 'scraps' folder....
All is not lost.

I keep all my commissions and just for fun stuff in the scraps..
and my stuff that is in print in the regular gallery.

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....My Wife and I were married.
I owe this woman the world and then some...
for putting up with my cRaZy a$$ for all these years....
She deserves a medal from the President and the Man upstairs.

If it wasn't for her...I wouldn't be the artist and man I am today.
We all should be thankful to her for that.

I LOVE me not some...but ALL of Mrs.Sandra C. Williams
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Hope you all have a greater year than the last.

Much love 2 U all.

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Much love from your Bro...


God bless
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I'm thankful for all of you DA Brothers and Sisters.
I'm thankful for all the kind words and helpful suggestions
concerning my work.
I'm thankful to DA for connecting me with you and you too me.
I'm thankful for the friendships I have made here and hope to make others...

I hope to be as good a friend to you as you have been to me over the years.
I hope to give more of myself to you in the coming days and years in journals,comments and 'favs'.
Also...I hope to  give you more of my creativity in my DA gallery,book stores,movies and television.

Mostly, I hope that this day...
you and those you love have the happiest of Thanksgivings.


God bless
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Only serious buyers need reply.

Send me a note and I will give you
a price breakdown per page.

Price break if you buy more than one page.;)



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Dunna nunna nunna nunna nunna nunna nunna nunna Affleeeeeeeeck!

"Say wha... Me as Batman???
Can my buddy Kevin Smith be my Robin?"…

What do you think of the casting choice of Ben Affleck to don the cape & cowl?
What say ye???

I'm not hating or loving the choice.

The proof is in the showing. the way.
I was okay with the 89 Keaton Batman....Burton proved me wrong.;)

I got's nuthin but love 4 ya...;)


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Check out the links and enjoy………   :)

Quote from StrontiumDog at "Any fans of Frank Espinosa out there? The wait continues for more ROCKETO, but Espinosa does have a new story out. It's called "Salvatore Ferragamo: Making of a Dream." It's a 26-page story (plus the cover) about the famous Italian shoemaker. Interestingly, Espinosa's own father was a shoemaker in Cuba.

The story isn't available in comic shops, but is available at Salvatore Ferragamo stores worldwide. The stores actually have a window display advertising the story.

It's available in two forms:

1. A standalone magazine-sized painted comic. This includes introductory text, preliminary sketches, and unused cover art. It sells for $9 US, and all proceeds go to a charity for children with heart disease.

2. An exhibit catalogue called "The Amazing Shoemaker." This sells for $60 US and includes the final cover art and the 26-page story, but leaves out the other items from the standalone comic, including the unused cover. This is the catalogue for an exhibit currently running in the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence. It discusses shoes and shoemakers in myth, legend, fairy tales, and pop culture, as well as Ferragamo's involvement with cinema. It even includes a couple of panels from Mister Miracle #9, in which an orphan girl is killed by a pair of "high-voltage shock boots!"

I found out about this project at Espinosa's blog: frankespinosanuevomundi.blogsp…

And in case you're wondering, I'm not a high-fashion sort of dude. I'd never been to a Ferragamo store before. So the one time I do go, I'm in my usual T-shirt and jeans, buying a comic book! Actually, I chose the catalogue because the exhibit looked interesting, and because it's printed on slightly better paper than the standalone comic (but the standalone comic is on decent paper as well)."



Do yourself a favor and find this book.;)





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Jim Kelly 1946-2013……

Jim Kelly was a huge part of my childhood.

He was a hero to me and many of my friends and family.


You did good Sensei.

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I will post a full journal here soon.
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Hope 2 see ya'll at the spot… :)

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  • Drinking: up the sun light… You gotta go.
"The Original Artist Friendly Convention! "...
Hope to see you there!!!!

Be sure to pick up a print!… ;)

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As a good friend pointed out...
Banner at the end of the film shares the same opinion as I do.

Please share your 2 cents?

Back to the drawing board.
I look forward to reading your posts.


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God bless all who WILL understand.
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...our own DA Luminary... Kelsey (Roboworks) Shannon… I'm sure this book will not only knock us on our a$$ with
FANTASTIC art...but I'm sure it will be a good edjumacation to us as well.


Oh darn it all!!!

I broke my ebonics key. :(

Zippity do da to you all.:)

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Our resident 'artnomad'… pointed this out for us.

Show your support for our fellow artists.

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Save 'Tron Uprising'……

Disney needs to continue this great show.

If you haven't seen it and got captured by the story...
You have been missing out on some quality work.
Designed by the AWESOME Robert Valley

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