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I would open up my.....wallet opening day to see this.
Why haven't we got this done hear in the states yet?

This would be sooooooooo dope!!!!!
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Steve "The Dude" Rude is doing a kick starter.…

Please show some support .

We all need a lil more Nexus & the Moth in our life don't you think?


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Should I be asking for a percentage of his commission and print rate?

Woulda coulda shoulda by BroHawk My oringinal…{9319121A-F70E-47A5-9BFD-F9932360F74C}…

Stealing Superman

Or am I over reacting? Hmmmmmmmmm.
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You had me at hello Zack Snyder.

"The red capes are coming......"

DCE WB You are going to make me go broke.

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Spread the word theartofdavidwilliams.bigcarte…

More updates soon.

Send a note if interested or buy direct from the bigcartel site ^



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This is the last week I will be taking advance commission orders
Get on the list now while you still can...
$300 12x18 color character .  $100 each additional character.
Send a note here or an email if interested

Don't miss out.




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Here is my youngest Son Victor VictorWilliams  DA page.  Show some love...
if you feel so inclined.:)
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I can't wait!!!! :)

What say ye????
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My good friend Frank Espinosa is doing great things at zumzumbooks 
Expand your horizons and show some support. You won't be dissapointed. ;)

Trust me. ;)
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 I will be at Booth AA712 $elling print$ and commi$$ion$ and variou$  other oringinal$
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  • Listening to: Ohio Players
  • Reading: Heaven Must Be Like This
  • Watching: Who'd she coo
  • Playing: the Funky Worm
  • Eating: Sweet sticky thing
  • Drinking: Fire…

 I will be at Booth AA712 $elling print$ and commi$$ion$ and variou$  other oringinal$
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Ohio Players
  • Reading: Heaven Must Be Like This
  • Watching: Who'd she coo
  • Playing: the Funky Worm
  • Eating: Sweet sticky thaig
  • Drinking: Fire
I will be taking con sketch pre orders  after all for this weekend BigWow comic fest Batman by BroHawk at  
So hit me up with a note,email or Facebook … ASAP before the list fills up.

Looking forward to see as many DA folks as possible at the show....



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I still have original art for $ale here theartofdavidwilliams.bigcarte… :)

Tell a Friend... ;)
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My loving Wife said "I do." Go bug my Wife by BroHawk

Thank you Sandra for making me a better man.
There are not enough words to let you know
how much I appreciate,need and Love you.

From me to U.
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  • Listening to: Her
  • Reading: Her lines
  • Watching: Her
  • Playing: The heart strings
  • Eating: Muffins.Pies and Cakes
  • Drinking: Milks…  Do what you can to help a fellow artist in need.

We only have each other.

Thank you and God bless.

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NAME CHANGE: Show some love.;)


Thanks in advance:)

Update: NAME CHANGE: ;
Appreciate all you people stopping by and liking my page! Right now I can only follow back other Fan pages, Not personal FB pages. If you have a Fan page send it my way! So, don’t be offended personal FB page havin people…..It’s NOT you it’s ME! Until then I have to get back to the drawing board.

Thanks again.


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Let's be better than last year...

Bestest from your Bro...

God bless.

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Hoping the best 2 U and Ur's these HOLYdays and 4 the New Year.
I'm finally finished with all my Spidey stuff for Marvel and I'm
jumping back onto some much over due commi$$ion$ (I...I...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel) before I
jump head first into Archie comics Dark Circle "The SHIELD".……
Stay tuned.

Much love From your Bro....

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